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YOU are a Divine being. Your spirit shines in each moment. Tap into the Light within you as often in your day as you remember. Feel the beauty of the spirit within and embrace it.

I (HRIP) am now licensed through the Department of Behavioral Health to provide credit for DUI/DWAI & DMV required classes. If you or someone you know should need information on their DUI's and requirements for classes, please call me at 970-376-6660 or visit www.healingrecoveryintensiveprogram.com

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Do you meditate for even one minute each day? Do you give 'you' a break for even one minute throughout your day? I want to encourage you to do this for yourself. I want to inspire this within you.

Let's do some DRUMMING!!

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See new events under Workshops & Lectures

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I honor the God within myself and all things

Here's a link to a TV program I was interviewed on - My interview is around the 3:10-3:14 section if you want to skip the other's interviews:

Prayer is a psychological place,
a spiritual place,
a place where we go to get out of ourselves,
a place created and inhabited by God.
Whatever disciplines can help us to get to where reality can
get at us (the Real in its ultimate sense being God),
I would call Prayer
That opens up many possibilities and styles.
Prayer is whatever calls us to detach from our own self,
from our own complusions and addictions,
from our own ego,
from our own "place."
We are all too trapped in our own places by virtue of the
egocentricity of the human person.
In prayer the Spirit entices us outside of our narrow comfort zone.
No wonder we avoid prayer: We have to change place.
- from Catholic Agitator, "Finding a Place for Prayer"

As I sit on my couch, relaxing and knowing that in a few minutes I have to get ready to go meet with a client, I am breathing - breathing in spirit, breathing in Light, breathing out Light

I am happy (and lucky) to be alive today - I have been given another chance at this life - I have been given the opportunity to be the best I can, to work on the I AM

I am grateful
I sit in grace
I am in awe

and I'm happy to be alive

Now, how do I/you/we sit in this wonder-ment of life, tame our egos, and allow our spirits to grow?

Take one moment today and say thank you to the Divine within that you are here and that you matter

My book BEGENDINGS: A NEW PERSPECTIVE - Life is not about the beginning or the ending. It is about the Present Moment is now available for sale.
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Holistic counseling involves understanding the "whole" body, mind and spirit. It is the integration of the complete and whole being. When we walk around as if we live in the past, we are not an integrated whole.
Holistic counseling is not about just smoking some marijuana as an alternative method to pain - it is learning how to not just alter the mind and body but how to integrate them along with spirit as a whole.
There are many methods for integration: breathwork, meditation, consciousness and presence,crystal healing and so much more
Call now to discuss your needs and desires for your whole life integration

SPECIAL OFFER: If you purchase multiple sessions (minimum of 4) and pay up front, I will discount my services. For example, if you purchase 6 sessions, the cost would be $450 (instead of $540). The appointments can be used one after another or over a period of time. Please call me to schedule your commitment to your body, mind and spirit.
Please see the Counseling Sessions & Services Offered section for more information and pricing.

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Meditating in Machu Picchu

Breathe!! Breath is our most precious and free source for healing. As a Breathwork Practitioner, I practice my own breath for my life. Learning to Breathe can help you center, ground, open your chakras, connect to your Source, soothe sore muscles, soothe pain, move energy, help you recognize where you are holding energy and so much more. Book a Breathwork session and learn how to use the breath for healing!


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May your days be filled with Light from within each and every moment!

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